Wednesday, April 22, 2020

How to secure your Instagram Account

People still don't understand how most of their account get H#cked by other people, the fact there is , you are responsible for your own account, either on instagram, facebook, snapchat , twitter, even on Whatsapp, people now find some crazy means to get your whatsapp account H#cked despite the fact that you need a verification code from ones registered mobile number.

The best advise to people is that, stop clicking on links sent from unknown person or even on the internet don't click on any how links , because links are the most well known techniques people use to get details and get to H#ck into anything!

Different social account have ways of protecting ones account but people tend not to take it serious , i will  just go through some steps on how  to secure your instagram account from getting H#cked even when they know your login Details.

How to secure your Instagram Account 

-Download the instagram App on Playstore or the Apple store
-Login your account as you normally do
-Go to your account Settings
-Look for "SECURITY" and click on it
-Then you'll see "TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION" click on that

Now they are two options that will be provided for you

- Text message : if you  enable that , anytime you log in on instagram anywhere ,  google will request a code from you from that number  and you can never get access to your account without the code generated from your registered number even though you know your login password.
Note: if you don't have the number anymore , make sure you change your number before login out of your account on your device or else you wont have your account back except you send a message to instagram with some verification.

-Authentication App : if you enable this , you will have to download an app , either you download "DUO MOBILE" or " GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR'  . This app generate your login code about every 1 minutes so it really though for H#ckers to crack the code in 60 sec. don't worry this doesn't affect the password you use on your account this App only request a code whenever you login just for confirmation that ye its you that's about to log in.

There is also a RECOVERY  CODE option where you save some set of codes in a picture or just copy and save somewhere just in case you lose your mobile number or the app and you get kicked out of your account, these code are usually five (5) sets and you can only use them once.

Now its up to you , you can either choose the text method or the app method.
Note: if you use the text method , if a friend of yours knows your password and also have access to your phone they might get the text code from your phone notification and yeah they will login successfully, but if you use the App method , they will have to open the app to see the code because the app wont send any notification and you will just have to check it your self and the good thing there is , the code change every 60 sec , if your friend is not fast enough she will have to get another code again.

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