Bug Report

Bug report

This theme is made wholeheartedly and with care. But there is no such thing as perfect. Therefore I ask all users to report if they find bugs or gaps in this template, so they can be reported to the theme creator and that they can be fixed immediately or in the next version. Please do let me know if you find any bugs.

Still, confused about what a bug means? a bug is an error that makes anything on the web to glitch. a part of the theme/template might stop functioning, or maybe you can't drop a comment due to an error with the theme/templates. There are a lot of bugs that one can find on a website or a template itself.

Please only provide bug-related comments. If you want to try giving random comments, you can do it in other articles freely. Irrelevant comments will be deleted. Alternately, send an e-mail to me on 


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