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How To Own A Blog In Less Than 10 Minutes

Learn How To Own A Blog In Less Than 10 Minutes

Knowing how to create a website for blogging is a really good thing. Most users find it difficult to do this, but the honest truth is, it pretty much easy if you put your mind to it. Blogging is mostly known or the functions of blogging are mostly known to be newspapers and journals. however, blogging can also be any information and discussion displayed on a website. 


To set up a blog, you need to have a host. There lot of companies that host websites, like WORDPRESS, WIX, GODADDY, WEEBLY, etc but, we are going to be using BLOGSPOT by GOOGLE.

1) You need to have a Google account to create this website for blogging. Google only supports Google mail account for signing up. if you don't have a Google mail account, please create or open one.

2) After creating a Google mail account, Now Go to Blogger.com  and signup with your Google mail account.

3) When you have successfully signed up and you have created your account, on your blogger dashboard, Click create a new Blog and a pop up will be displayed for you to input your preferred Title and URL name. for example >megatechwaves< then Google will also add blogspot.com to it and it will now become >megatechwaves.blogspot.com<. 
Google added this because you are getting the whole blog and website address for free and the only way to take the Blogspot away is to purchase a domain name.

4) After step3, now choose a theme you would like to display on your blog, they are displayed already for you by blogger, just pick your choice! You can change the text, colour and other cool stuff but, if you don't like the free theme displayed by Google, you can actually buy a premium theme online and update.

5) Now you can hit the create Button and that it, we are done. if it didn't work, then maybe your website URL has been used by someone else, Google will definitely show you if the website name is chosen or not.
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