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How to remove Powered By Blogger on your blogger footer

How to remove Powered By Blogger on your blogger footer

You know what footers are  ???  They appear at the bottom of every site. Powered by bloggers is an attribution from Google. footers are also known as the space reserved for notes like the power by google, about, privacy policy, terms of service, contact us, etc.. in most cases, it is used for copyright.  Google is trying to let you know they own it, I know you want to take off the power by blogger on the footer and input your desire. do not worry, I will guide you on how to fulfill that.

Follow these steps to take it off!!!!

How to remove POWERED BY BLOGGER on your blog footer

STEP 1). Login on blogger.com
STEP 2). On the left side of the panel, look straight down and locate the theme, close to the settings. Click on the theme and locate the customize and edit HTML, hit the edit HTML. If your using mobile phone, click on the options menu to locate the HTML 
what is HTML?
HTML means hypertext markup language, they are kind of document created to be shown on the web, like coding & javascript.

After clicking on the edit HTML,  you'll see some codes for the themes. Yeah, different codes.
there are two head tags in this section when you click on the edit Html: the first has  <head> and the second has this </head>, most people make mistake on this aspect, please pay attention. getting the codes pasted within the wrong heads won't make the power by blogger go off the footer.
let proceed......
Locate where the head tag is: <head>

If you using a computer,  hold the ctrl f4 and search for the <head> tag.

STEP 3). Copy this:    <style> #Attribution1 { display:none ; } </style>  
STEP 4). After copying with the codes in 
STEP 3) paste it just after the <head> tag.

Enjoying these tips????, that because you follow the steps in the right way, good job!!!!!!!!
if you finding it difficult, you can fill the contact form and drop me a message, or you can comment and I'll reply to you as soon as possible.
so where did we stop at ? oh yeah after copying the code, drop it right after the <head> and not </head>

After coping this:  <style> #Attribution1 { display:none ; } </style>  
And you have successfully pasted it at the appropriate place, click on save by clicking the options at the bottom, if it says successfully saved, then your good to go.

And yes,  we are done. Go back to your page and refresh!!! The power by blogger will no longer display on your footer.
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