how to add a custom logo and favicon on your blogger blog

how to add a custom logo and favicon on your blogger blog

Guides on how to add a custom logo and favicon on your blogger blog 

After you have launched your website has I thought you guys the last time on ayomidelalemi .com, I will guide you on how to add a custom logo and favicon in your blogger blog.
It is important to have a brand identity,  it helps your audience to identify you without seeing the name yet. just like the popular apps out there like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and the rest, I guess you can identify their names in no time without anyone telling. the same thing applies to you, you just have to own a unique logo to stand out from the crowd, cool right?

Favicon is just a small icon attached to a website or web page to stand out or to represent you. some browsers provide favicon support and display it in the browsers address bar.
See the image below.

you can see how cool it is when you have your logo placed on a web page (favicon). if you don't have a logo yet, You can design one with some app or you can pay a graphic designer to design one for you, I can actually help you with that because am also a graphic designer 😁😁😁.
Note: create a logo that matches your blog domain, so it won't look weird when you create a logo that doesn't match with the site domain name.
Okay, let get started.
When you've got your logo, change the size image to 16 x 16

1) Login to Blogger.com
2)On the left side of the control panel, look straight down and Click on the LAYOUT. After clicking,  you'll see Favicon at the top of the opened layout with an edit option,  click on the edit. (See image below )

3) Click on the edit as shown on the above image. After clicking on the edit, upload your favicon image, must be 16 x 16  of size, and less than 100kb. After that, click on the Save button.

To add a customs logo
Go to the same layout on your control panel, find the header, and click on the edit. ( See the image below)

Locate the image then choose your custom logo from your computer or mobile,  but click on the button that says "choose file ".

Select your image then click on save. Go to your blog home page, refresh, and bam!!! your logo will appear on the home page.

If you've gotten to this stage without any problem, "thumbs up" for you! We're all done!!!!
 Now, view your blog and refresh your page and check your new favicon (your logo ). If you later change your mind to create a different logo for your blog,  you can repeat the STEPS again, and that's it.

Was this helpful to you?? Drop a comment and share it 👍👍.
Stay tuned 📣📣

If you haven't created your own blog, check out Ayomidelalemi. com  to learn how to

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