Awesome Graphic Design Trend For 2020/2021


Awesome Graphic Design Trend For 2020/2021



In the year 2021, graphic design trends will get to a crucial milestone. It’s the dawn of a replacement decade, and graphic design is poised to succeed in new heights as designers begin to define the age. There’s a sense within the air that anything can happen—that we are close to witnessing subsequent evolution of graphic design as we all know it.

    Although it'd take a couple of more years for the 20s to hit their stride, designers are already showing us glimmers of what's to return. Let’s take a look at some of the reigning graphic design trends in 2020 that are already beginning to characterize this new decade.


    Graphic Designs that will become a big trend in 2021

    ·         -Continuous animation sequences

    ·         -Street Art styles

    ·         -Ultra-thin geometry

    ·         -Hand lettering

    ·         -Bevels and Chisels




    Source: cs.cornell.edu

    Though it can be a high investment, the animation is one of the foremost powerful ways to bring a brand to life, and it's become increasingly commonplace online. This is often usually within the sort of micro-interactions and explanatory motion graphics, and if there’s one group of individuals who want to push the boundaries beyond the commonplace, its designers.

    “Rather than simple motion graphics, animation sequences will evolve to be more of a story, involving continuous movement where each portion of the graphic is tied to the next scene”

    - Adrianne Mesnard

    Check out An animation with seamless transitions by lautzip:



    In 2020, continuous animation sequences heighten immersion with seamless transitions that build each scene in real-time out of the part of the present frame. This is often useful for brands who want to require their viewers on a journey, making them feel as if they're flying through an ever-morphing world. The animation is magical, and dynamic changes like these keep the spell from breaking.






     Graphic design trends 2020 example: Spray paint, stenciled business card design

    By Mark Unger                                                                  

    Graphic design trends 2020 example: Street art style web design for a music agency

      By Anton Siribaddana    

    Graphic design trends 2020 example: Spray paint logo design

      By John Baiatul


    Graffiti and street art techniques have a retro appeal to them, conjuring up images of the 70s punk scene, the neon 80s, and therefore the grungy 90s. But in the year 2021, the trend in street art is quite your average comeback. The return of Street art to graphic design is ready for our particular moment in time.


    With its inherent edginess (given its association with vandalism), graffiti is in addition to a movement of jubilance and freedom, of breaking bonds and protesting convention. That’s what makes the picture backed by street art in Anton Siribaddana’s design desire it’s collecting to leap off the screen. Beat all, the road art trend is that the perfect aesthetic to urge us feeling just like the future is in our hands.




    Graphic design trends 2020 example: Organic, abstract geometric illustration for a web page    

    By Vuk N  

    Graphic design trends 2020 example: abstract horse logo made of ultra thin lines

    By Jack Begosian                                                                                  

    Graphic design trends 2020 example: Abstract, thin-lined geometric design

    By Ian Douglas

    -The first design above By Jack Begosin is an abstract logo with extremely thin lines that trick the eye and almost seem to blend together

     -The second design by Vuk N is an organic, abstract geometric illustration for a web page.

    -The third design by Ian Douglas is an abstract design with thin-lined geometric patterns by Ian Douglas.

    “This design has a modern, futuristic, and mysterious feel.  It is said that thin lines can only be displayed on digital media, something that left the age of the printing press with paper”

    - Jack Begosian


    Ultra-thin geometry is sleek, abstract, and really hard to tug off without the help of a computer, which is perhaps why it’s common in tech and industrial branding. This kind of style seems too precise the longer term of technology—something not much but fewer physical the deeper we go into “the cloud”—and speak to the mysterious possibilities awaiting us within the coming years.




    Graphic design trends 2020 example: messy handdrawn font on a paper cup design   

    By halorena     

              Graphic design trends 2020 example: Fun hand-drawn wordmark logo design                                                                                           By RahaJoe  

         Logo design trends 2020 example: Red, brush-style hand-lettering

                                       By Mky



    -The first design above is a messily hand-drawn font for a paper cup design by halorena

    -The second design is a fun hand-drawn wordmark logo design by RahaJoe 

    -The third design is a Detailed, brush-style hand-lettering by Mky


    “With minimalist trends going strong, there'll be a requirement for more personalized reference to the audiences. This may lead towards type-based designs but with a customized touch, creating trends like graphical integrations in typography or totally customized type-face based designs”

    - Terry Bogard


    Typography has always been a critical part of graphic design. In the midst of the digital age, when everything must make actually make sense to new users, typography became very useful by necessity. But in recent years, the type has become bigger, bolder, and more experimental in ways in which we've not seen since print ads and magazines of days gone.

    Designers are proving that even a composition that limits itself to white space and text can still be adventurous with bold typographic forms.

    In 2021, the trend of larger-than-life the type will continue but during a more human direction. Custom hand-lettering is extremely popular at the moment, and branded typography will follow by becoming more colorful, imprecise, and eccentric.

    This can be achieved with lettering that comes alive just like the examples above. Lettering can personify its material (like the Beast Mode logo) or be offbeat and no identical (as in Crazy Plant People) to offer a way of the people behind the brand. Within the years to return, consumers are going to be craving designs crafted by human hands, and it’s up to designers to deliver type which will speak to them.



         Graphic design trends 2020 example: Hand-lettering with a subtle chiseled look

    By Twentyeights                                                                 

    Graphic design trends 2020 example: Illustrated coin-style icons for a game


                     By LittleFox        

    Graphic design trends 2020 example: App icon with 3D chiseling


    By Hyuwafi


    -The first design above is a Hand-lettering with color gradient and a subtly chiseled look by Twentyeights 

    - The second design is the layers in these coin-style icons add depth, by LittleFox

    -The third design is an app icon with subtle 3D chiseling by Hyuwafi


    ”See the noise trend morphing back to bevels, with tight layering and opacity effects, combed with gradient and line for depth. I’m keen to ascertain how these styles expand because the effects are pushed and pulled. Ultimately, I’m wondering if realism is coming back: inner shadows on buttons, patterns, and more noise”

    - Luke Farrugia


    3D stone-cutting techniques are particularly helpful in designs for digital scenarios, like app icons and buttons. They create a tactile experience for users and mitigates the endless flatness that dominates the visual aesthetic of screens.


    2021 are going to be about disparate elements coming together: the past and therefore the future, the geometric and therefore the organic, the important, and therefore the artificial. Maybe these graphic design trends for 2021 are just a coincidence, or maybe they assert something about the mood we’re beaten. One thing is certain: the 20s are off to an electrifying start. Whether this momentum will sustain itself over the approaching decade depends on designers everywhere.

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