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Apple AirPods Pro 2 leak reveals new features and price

 Apple AirPods Pro 2

image credit: Apple

Apple fans, we expect it fair to mention , are waiting patiently for news on the follow-up to the Apple AirPods Pro. Last year Apple dropped the second generation of AirPods, but so far there had been no sign of AirPods Pro 2.

That, though, seems like it's just changed dramatically, with a longtime Apple leakster spilling the beans on the AirPods Pro gen 2. That leakster is LeaksApplePro and therefore the information includes details on the gen 2 price, release date, battery and new features.

the Apple AirPods Pro gen 2 price is pegged at $249, while it's set to supply improvements to battery life and noise cancelling functionality. it's also set to deliver some ambient light sensors, truth function of which immediately remains a mystery.

One theory is that the sunshine sensors might be used to track certain body functions like your heart rate , which we've already seen on earphones just like the Jabra Sport Pulse.

In terms of the Apple AirPods Pro 2 release date, that's slated to be scheduled for either Q4 of 2021 or Q1 of 2022, so it's like we cannot see these new true wireless buds any time soon.

That price, by the way, is that the same price that the present first-gen AirPods Pro retail for immediately on the official Apple Store, so we're confident that upon the release of the gen 2 we are going to see gen 1 reduced in price.

I'll have to agree somewhat with the LeaksApplePro once they say that "overall, a not so great update" when describing the AirPods Pro 2. Yes, better battery life and noise cancelling are welcome, and yes the worth has not increased, but considering the AirPods Pro are on the market now for slightly below a year, we were expecting this type of update now, not in over a year's time.

Hopefully we'll see the second generation of AirPods Pro before this leak suggests, or when it does finally come, it offers much more than simply an iterative tech bump.

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