Hear the First Supercharged Corvette E-Ray on a Dyno

For the last two generations of Corvette, Chevrolet offered faster variants with a supercharger. The newly announced C8 ZR1 could go another direction, but the quicker Z06 and E-Ray models instead add horsepower through either a unique flat-plane crank V-8 or an electric motor at the front axle. That leaves a naturally aspirated V-8 behind the driver just begging to be supercharged, so Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has done what needs to be done. 


 A build video shared earlier this week shows what the Corvette customizers claim is the first-ever supercharged Corvette E-Ray. The supercharger installed on the LT2 V-8 by Paragon Performance combines with the electric motors on the front axle to create a total power output of 734 hp and 792 lb-ft of torque. Add that to the existing strengths of the E-Ray and you get a custom Corvette putting serious power to the rear wheels while an electric motor provides a separate punch of horsepower to the front tires when necessary.

On a dyno, the E-Ray has the familiar roar of a GM small block backed by a whining supercharger. It is an audacious sound, one made all the better by a custom center-exit exhaust reminiscent of the four-pipe setup on the Z06 rather than the dual rear-exit pairs seen on the standard C8 and stock E-Rays. The build combines GM's recent past and immediate future at the same time, making for a completely unique take on the Corvette. 

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